Saturday, October 13, 2012

First Google Hangout


Today was a very exciting opportunity for learning.  Kristen Wideen posted on Twitter early in the day that she was looking for volunteers to hook-up and do a Google Hangout with her at the edcampSWO (Edcamp South Western Ontario).  I responded to her tweet and heard back from her that I needed to sign-up for Google+.  I went to the app store and downloaded it (free) for my iPhone.  I made a few profile additions and viola!  It was that easy.  She invited me to the hangout-and there we were-Marcie Martel, Karen Lirenman and me-at Kristen’s presentation…

I am glad I had the opportunity to hang with them for a few minutes and learn how easy it was to do.  I am now looking for more opportunities to use Google+ Hangouts.  Right now, several educators are using them for Global Read Aloud 2012.  They are taking turns reading aloud chapters of the book Charlotte’s Web. 

To learn more about Google Hangout, watch this video on Youtube!

Thanks Kristen for inviting me to hang!  And thanks to the audience who listened to my silliness!  I was so giddy to participate in this opportunity!  I am hoping that it is not a blocked site at school.  Looking forward to trying it out next week…you are able to invite up to 10 people to the hangout!  This is definitely a great tool for learning.


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