Saturday, March 17, 2012

Silly name...Kool-aid

Slice 17 of 31

Flashback-doctor's office June 2010. 20 week ultrasound
Family present-me, Kevin, Kameron
Other people-doctor, nurse, ultrasound tech
The news-IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!
Kevin: You have your shopping buddy!
Kameron: YES! I get to have a sister!
Me: Yes! I am such a lucky duck!
Flashback: car ride home
Kevin: what k names could we pick for a girl? (the Rudd family had this "k" name tradition...)
We brainstormed our list in the car Kalee, Kaylee, Kayla, Kathy, Kyla, Katherine...
Kameron: I know, we could call her KOOL-AID!!!
Giggles and laughs erupted and lingered for the rest of the car ride home...
Of course we didn't end up picking KOOL-AID for her real name (Natalie Marie) but it was a nickname that stuck for the rest of the pregnancy and even today...
One of the cutesy quotes I will remember from when she was born was my brother calling to congratulate us..."'KOOL-AID' is served!"
Thanks to Dana for inspiring this slice!


  1. "KOOL-AID" is served!" what a clever brother! So the K name tradition was broken with your daughter? It is interesting to learn the history behind names.

  2. Kool-aid - that's funny. It's funny how things work that way - how something silly in a moment can stick around in a pleasant way for a lifetime. Pretty neat that her brother is the one who gave her the nickname.


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