Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meet the Author Day!

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Ok, I am officially a kiddie lit junkie. I love children's literature books so much. I am always in search of new books that answer a question or emphasize a professional development concept I need to share.

So I recently had an urge, especially with the slice of life challenge going on, to model a lesson using one of my favorite books about writing, Library Mouse.
I am so inspired by this story! So here's what happened...

I made a huge sign that said, "Meet the Author" day for the second grade class where I modeled the lesson. Now other teachers in the building who didn't know what I was doing thought a famous author was coming into the school...little did they know, we had a room full of famous authors. I even made a secret "Meet the Author" box...

I think the children thought the mouse was going to be in the box, but alas, when they looked in the secret box, just like in the book, the author they see is them. The joy from this lesson came when I had each child come up and look into the box, they giggled so happily when they saw their own reflection in the mirror! I also had them create little books, just like the mouse...we're going to file them among the books in the school library! WOOHOO!

Next week, we're also going to read Library Mouse A Friends Tale, and Library Mouse Worlds to Explore...

And now here's my Reading Rainbow moment, if you haven't read this book, check it out from your local library! Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk


  1. LIBRARY MOUSE is a definite staple in my life. I love that he was highlighted in a slice.

    Have you read Deb Gaby's blog yet this month? Every single slice she links to a book. You might enjoy it:


  2. I too, am a kit lit junkie. I cannot pass picture books without buying one, or, two, or . . . ssshhhh! don't tell my husband!
    I love what you did for the kids, that must have made them feel so special.

  3. I love this idea! What a fabulous way to draw children into the book, into writing! I bet the children found it irresistible.


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