Sunday, March 18, 2012

To tweet or not to tweet?

Slice 18 of 31

I am waking up early-of course...
The window is open...
I hear tweeting-lots of tweeting.
So this makes me wonder, should I tweet?
Birds do tweet for lots of different reasons...just to sing their song, to find a friend or a mate, to keep track of their babies...hmmmm.
Should I tweet?

During a discussion about technology and learning at my professional development training on Wednesday last week (3/14) the subject of twitter came up. I am currently not a tweeter, but should I be? What would the advantages of tweeting be for me? I am thinking I would be more of a follower on the whole pyramid scheme...I doubt if anyone would want to follow a lowly literacy coach...

So, should I get a twitter account? Should I join in on all of this tweeting? The window is open and I hear lots of it, but should I be a tweetee too? Or will tweeting just be one more thing to check, one more distraction?


  1. I will watch your feedback with interest to see what tweeters say. Do we have time for even one more thing? If you use the adage for every new thing you take on you should drop something off - so Amy, if you begin to tweet - what will you let go of?

  2. I am completely and totally addicted to Twitter. Yep, it's true.

    I started out as a "lurker" and did that for over a year. I didn't see the real point of it, but I did enjoy peeking over the fence at those who were out there.

    Since July, though, I have been out there, interacting with the world. I've found it has driven me to try more, do more, and read more than I ever had before. I've found more colleagues, more book recommendations, more silly fun than I ever expected.

    You can take what you want from Twitter. Interact as much as you like. Go for it... lurk as long as you need. I'll be your "tweeps" - mselke01

  3. I too have wondered on this one but I am not sure that anyone would really want to know about the day-to-day ramblings of aK-3 literacy specialist who moonlights as a college professor, takes care of her elderly aunt and mother, cleans her own house because she lives in a rural area, shops organically at a local fam market and is helping her husband restore a much to big house! BUT THEN I say to myself, I didn't really think anyone would find my blog interesting either. SO, I say GO FOR IT and let me know how it goes!

  4. Go for it! I've been on Twitter since last summer. Yes, in the beginning it is addicting and can seem overwhelming -- starting in the summer all teachers were home to it was constantly all a tweet! There is a language barrier at first, but you will learn. But then you learn to utilize when you want or have time. For example, I haven't checked it really this whole month because of writing, reading slices and commenting! It's another awesome tool to connect with colleagues all over the world! You get to hand pick the people "sitting" in your PD meeting room. I learn so much from being on Twitter! Here's a post I wrote last year about it with some other links too:

    Hope to see you in the Twitter-sphere!

    Michelle (@litlearningzone)

  5. I try. I fail. Tweeting just doesn't resonate with me. I think it's the character limit. I have had my students write a "Twitter" out the door. I can't even comment on your post with less than 140 characters. To me it seems like one more thing, but there are some cool people in education who tweet their wisdom...not to mention Stephen Cobert's entertaining tweets. Some tweet well--maybe you can, too. As for me, I think I will continue to opt out of the tweet.

  6. Amy, it was at the urging of my publisher that I jumped into the twittersphere. Before that I had no inclination. Things have changed! I now gather what I call treasure from twitter and it becomes lodged in my notebook. I am building useful networks - writers and educators I admire and trust. There's plenty of fluff out there too, but you learn to filter that out. Your musings are understandable. My experience has been a positive one thus far...


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