Thursday, March 15, 2012

the first date...

Slice 15/31
Here is the story of how I met Kevin...

I was working as a long term sub in the district where I am currently employed. I had just finished a two-month placement in third grade in December 1994 and started the new year without much hope of getting anything long-term.

Low and behold, I got a call to interview at school for a long-term position that would go from mid-January until the end of the year. I really hoped I'd get the job. It was my favorite grade to teach...

Thankfully, I got the job and after about 2 weeks on the job, the school secretary was chatting with me about whether or not I was dating anyone. I had told her that I wasn't at the time and I had recently broken off a long term relationship and was happy to be back on the dating scene (yeah right...)!

A few days later, she heard me talking at lunchtime about going out over the weekend with some friends to the local college bar scene. She offered, "You should go out with my son sometime. I bet you two would have fun together!" She then offered me their phone number and told me to call and chat with...Kevin!

After that, we started talking on the phone. We really had a lot of fun talking together and agreed to meet up for a first date! So on February 15, 1995, we hooked up at the local watering hole...a place called "Bucks" and had the first date. We just sat and talked for like 5 hours!

Of course, after the long weekend (I think it was President's Day) everyone at the school knew I was going out with Kevin (the secretary's son) and they were all dieing to know how the first date went...

We've now been married for 15 years and have 2 children-how do you think the first date went?

We have Nora to thank, for setting us here's to you Nora-THANKS! I couldn't have asked for a better husband or family to be a part of! Love to you all!

PS The school family where I met Kevin still gets together and I did end up teaching at the same building (after getting hired full-time) for most of my career as a first grade teacher before becoming a literacy coach. I love that school family too! They rock!

PPS Thanks to the school principal (Joanne) for taking the risk to pick me for the long term sub position...

PPPS Thanks to a fellow blogger in the SOLC who inspired this post because of hers on how she met her husband...

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  1. Introduced by your now-mother-in-law, now that is a fun story. You knew you had her approval from the get-go!


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