Friday, August 28, 2009

Land Legs Back

Well, I haven't written for a few days...just overwhelmed by the shear magnitude of all that is the beginning of the school year for parents and teachers.
I was just reading the "Tip of the Week" from the 2 Sisters. Author Lori Sabo talked about how we've been on our "Sea Cruise" (summer vacation) for the past 2 months and now we're back on dry land and have got to get our land legs back. It takes awhile sometimes for the process to work itself out but we can do it.
Our ship has docked, we've gathered our gear and checked on to dry land now-we've got opening of school, "Open House" and first day behind us. Land legs are coming back to us...

I am experiencing a different feel in my land legs this year, as Kam has started Kindergarten. I know I made the right choice for him. On the first day of school, he told me a funny story..."Momma, Mrs. H. had to take student #11 out, he was being very bad!" I don't know exactly what student 11 did or didn't do, but it made a huge impression on Kam. He also said he made a new friend, Grace. He said, "I just love that Grace". Then today he said, "Her hair was different today." He told me he had to play with Gianna today. He said, "Gianna doesn't know how to make letters and numbers". I told him, let's focus on the good things that people do...what can she do well? He said, "She is good at waiting her turn!" I said, see, she is good at something...hopefully this will make a good impression on him-look for the positive!

So, we've begun our year where we learn everything we need to know for the rest of our lives and I think we're off to a good start-we're getting our land legs back and I think I've made the right choice...
Rudd"er" steering in the right direction...

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