Monday, August 31, 2009

Afflictions a cometh!

Well, I've spent a large chunk of time since the last post dealing with my son's afflictions. He contracted pink-eye from another child while he was in his last week at daycare...which meant he had to miss his first day of school last Friday-what a he's been getting drop treatments in his eye since Thursday evening. Thank goodness his eyes look better. He went back to school today, trying in vain to come down with something else to avoid going to school...but I won't fall for those tricks. He even said he couldn't eat or swallow because he had stinky breath. Oh, my what a lark!

On a school note, I am excited to be helping the teachers begin their year. It's what I love most about my job, helping others! There are so many overwhelming things going on at the start of the school year, you just have to be ready to board the ship because it leaves port whether you have your gear and life jacket or not...

On a personal note, I was completely dismayed this evening when some young children rang our doorbell and knocked profusely at 9:15pm (yes, it's a school night) and asked if we wanted to win prizes from a raffle at the football stadium. Now, I am all for fund raising, but in this case, I am royally ticked off! These children (elementary age for sure) should not be out pedaling fundraising items at 9:15 on a school night. For their health and for ours, it's just not the time of day to be going door to door. I am going to call the school tomorrow I think...this needs attention brought to it.
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