Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the back to school weepies!

Well, it's officially School Year's Eve for our little K-man! I was definitely weepy this morning as I watched a mother put her daughter on the school bus and take pictures as the bus pulled away. At least I don't have that trauma to deal with tomorrow morning. We met Kam's teacher last night (at Open House) and I can tell he is going to have a great year. It took me forever (ok, seriously, about an hour) to fill-out all of the forms. He also had a "favorites" collage to make that the children are combining into a class book. I thought this was a cute idea!

Today was just a lump in my throat kind of day...I just felt like at any minute I was going to explode with tears, if I thought about how tomorrow is the big day...

I know our ship of education is steering in the right direction it's just that sometimes, those little doubts creep into your head and take over-which brings me to my big "share" of the day! I read a book to our school staff called "How Full is Your Bucket?". I liked it because it talks about how our "emotional buckets" are drips or drops-we can empty by dripping negative or fill by dropping positive! We also did a great ice breaker-write a four letter word for success this year-many staff members came up with great words to describe the road to success (help, calm, star...) and read were some of the examples. Then Kathy read the article and we all found out the secret word to success is read. Now I think I am going to have a read display contest...still thinking on that one. Rudd-out!

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