Friday, March 20, 2020

Surprise Flowers and the COVID Dragon

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Day 20 of the Slice of Life Story Challenge

I read the daily call for slices at Two Writing Teachers.   I came downstairs when I heard the doorbell ring.  I opened the front door and no one was there?!  Hmmm

Then, I looked down and saw these:

I opened the card!  Surprise!  They were an early birthday greeting from my younger brother Mike and sister-in-law Carrie...

After reading the card and admiring the flowers,  I got to thinking about Carol's modern day fairy tale posted for inspiration and came up with this story!

Once upon a time, a queen had been huddled in her home for days...

She had no visitors except for the birds, squirrels and deer who visited her yard frequently.  The queen felt sad thinking about her birthday and how she would only be able to celebrate it with the king, the prince and the princess.  No one else would be permitted inside their gates this year due to the dreaded and evil COVID Dragon.  

The queen prayed that everyone in her family and the kingdom would be ok and avoid harm by the COVID Dragon.  

On this day in the early afternoon the queen heard several knocks at the drawbridge gate. A brave knight on a strong and bold horse dropped off a stunning bouquet of flowers.   He left them at the gate so the threat of the COVID Dragon would not come to her. The queen picked up the bouquet, read the card and realized that her brother sent the beautiful flowers to cheer her in honor of her birthday.  

She appreciated the sentiment and sent one of her "hand maidens" off with a thank you for the knight and his princess.  The flowers truly made her day brighter and she couldn't stop smiling about their amazing beauty.

The threat of the COVID Dragon still continued but the queen forgot about him for a long while after she received the made her day so much brighter.  She almost forgot about how long she'd been huddled up. 


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