Thursday, March 19, 2020

Keeping Hopeful Not Letting Worries Take Over

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Day 19 of the Slice of Life Story Challenge


Up until yesterday, I hadn't really talked to my brothers (one older, one younger).  We liked each others' posts on FB and texted a little but not really talked.  My conversations with them got me on to worries in the time of COVID-19.

I feel like I'm in a snow globe right now...watching things from inside the glass bubble happening around me that I have little say or control over.  Connections through conversations about what's happening to the world bringing about deep feelings of sadness, loss, concern, frustration, anger, and even relief...

I'm worried about nurses and doctors I know-one has been exposed to the virus-will she come down with it?  Who will care for her?

I'm worried about my hairstylist.  Her salon has been closed.  Should I go for my hair appointment next week?

I'm worried about letting my kids self-select on the order and plan of their day.  I want them to feel safe and loved not overwhelmed by all the "learning online".  Am I doing the right thing?

I'm worried about enough supplies.  There's still no toilet paper in stock at the grocery-  I think we'll be ok but what if we can't get it?
I'm worried about  my school family (co-workers and students) wondering if they are all ok...What if they get sick?

I'm worried about people in the high risk age group I know and love.  What if they catch the virus?

I could go on and on...

I found something to help.  A prayer card...

I shared it here so you can pray it too (especially if you're a worrier like me)...


  1. I always loved the Prayer of St Frances. Thank you for sharing it. There is so much to worry about.

  2. I like the snow globe analogy!

  3. Amy, Everyone seems to be in worry mode so thank you for sharing your worries. The end of yourr slice is where I like to lead myself - to prayer. May we all be blessed with options to be safe.

  4. Worry is natural at a time like this. We can't let it rule our lives or we are lost. I definitely feel prayer is our hope and answer. I find the prayer to St. Francis a great stress reliever.

  5. This is a feeling being shared by many people. You make a great point that it is out of our control. That may be the hardest part. Hang in there! It's nice to have a writing community of teachers. It is also nice to have virtual ways to meet with students, family, and friends. Thank you for the post and the prayer card.:)

  6. happy to find you today -- worry is real. So much - we do need to find a way to wake up and carry on each day. I grew up with that prayer - a favorite of my mom's. Thank you - be safe, stay well.

  7. So many of us have these same worries. I love this prayer and is a favorite song from church.

  8. There is so much to worry about. It feels all encompassing. I find myself torn between wanting to stay in-the-know and wanting to maintain my sanity. The TV goes on less these days. I try to stay informed by reading the Washington Post and NY Times, not by watching cable news.

  9. I find myself worrying as well. It's hard not to do so; yet, I'm finding less TV watching and more walking seems ti help,I am also cleaning as if my life depended on it. Staying busy and looking at the Times in the morning - not at night- seems to help as well. Your prayer card is one of my favs!


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