Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Rocket Climber Tears

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Day 18 of the Slice of Life Story Challenge

I heard the squealing brakes of the trash truck.  I knew what was about to happen.  We've been trying to unload the Step 2 Rocket Climber for weeks and weeks...

It sat out on the curb...the first time Nat saw it, she screamed and cried out, "No, Dad cannot get rid of it."

I felt the depth of her angst and agreed.  I wasn't ready to say goodbye.  I kept thinking of the scene from Toy Story as the toys ascend into the incinerator.  Oh. My. God.  Why was I so attached to this thing?

I dragged it back from the curb, hid it among the trees.  Today wouldn't be the day!

He tried again.

We acted again.

He tried again.

Still no pickup?

I heard him call yesterday.

That's why just now when I heard the brakes, I knew what was about to happen!  I can't look!  I just can't!   I have to let go, say good-bye, no more curb rescues.  I'm in tears as I write this.  Why do I feel so sad over letting go of a tiny climber that had seen its better days?  Why?
We tried to give it away to a loving home-but there have been no takers...oh, God, it's just a climber.

The trash truck has pulled away...the eighteen year old climber is gone!  A piece of my heart is too...




  1. Well if that isn't a sign! Sometimes the universe has other plans. Loved the rollercoaster of emotions in your slice.

  2. Now THIS is a great post with a WONDERFUL ending! I tried to get rid of an old bedframe but the trash people and the monthy bulk pick up both rejected it! Then, when I was least expecting, someone came to the curb and put it in their pic up truck! Someone will take it and bring it to a new home - I hope. If not, could you turn it into a planter????

  3. I love the surprise ending! Hilarious! So true, however, that it's hard to let those remnants of childhood go. Well-told, with emphasis in all the right places. :)

  4. Ha! Love that ending. We get so attached to the things in our lives, forgetting they’re just stuff. I thought the climber was gone forever until the universe returned it to you. Fun post.

  5. I loved this so much. I laughed out loud at the end. I was not prepared. Great Slice!!!

  6. Oh my, you had me back to the day when my husband took apart the swing set and slide. My daughters cried even though they were way too old to play on it, and the wood was rotting. Then that Toy Story scene. Well composed slice. Unexpected ending to boot!


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