Saturday, March 9, 2019

Parachute Slice

Day 9
Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers
for hosting the Slice of Life Story

Seeing the parachute today brought back memories of my childhood.  I loved looking at the colors and seeing the parachute spin.  I smiled when I heard the director of the activity tell the students to rotate the parachute clockwise.  It looked fun to be holding onto the handles and move in a circle.  

After the spinning stopped, the next game they played was 🐱 cat finds the mice.  One student gets on top of the parachute and three go under.  Then the students ruffle the parachute as the cat crawls around to find the mice.  There were so many times the cat came ever so close to finding the mice but missed.  I heard children laughing and giggling-having such fun! 

The slice of parachute was spinning my memory back to my elementary gym days.  We all longed to play with the colorful, smooth material as it brought such smiles to our faces.  Up and down it would float:  staying in, running under, circling around...I wished I could be down on the floor playing too.


  1. I loved, loved, loved parachute days as a kid. Wondering now if they ever have any for adults?

  2. I just love the concept of play. The health benefits surpass just exercising. We remember the laughter and fun; and that's what counts!

  3. We didn't have a parachute when I was in school, but I remember the first time I played with one as a student teacher. I immediately fell in love. Whoever decided a parachute would be fun for play must have been an educator.

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