Thursday, March 2, 2017

Life in Numbers

Slice 2 of 31

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers Blog for hosting this month long story challenge.

In the midst of living...

One crazy life!

One awesome and supportive hubby.

Two loving parents with health needs greater than a daughter can handle.

Two separate living facilities attending to their needs.

Three siblings working together to support as best we can.

Three months of complete separation for a couple married more than half a century.

Four loving grandchildren who range in understanding of all that's happening.

Four hearts who are learning empathy and compassion.

Five in the family unit that's unraveling as the days pass.

Five people who love each other and live with the support of many friends and family.

...a life of happiness and sadness, full of yin and yang.


  1. The structure of your piece works well for sharing all that is going on in your life. I'm so glad that there is love, support, empathy and happiness to offset the challenges and sadness. Yin and yang, indeed!

  2. Loved the format of your slice - and so moving. I hope there can be a resolution so both of your parents can be together.

  3. Beautifully shared, Amy, and a good hint of what life is like right now. I'm sorry for the hard things, but glad you have those good ones, too.

  4. I lived this life so I know how hard it is. It sounds like you are surrounded by life to help you keep things together. Sending prayers your way.

  5. Oh gosh. I love the structure, but more importantly, I can feel your struggle through it. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!


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