Friday, March 3, 2017

Better? Maybe? Soon?

Slice 3 of 31

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers Blog for hosting this month long story challenge.

Rumble, Bumble, Crash!  Wooo!

Over the past two days everyone's been talking?.!

"Can you believe this craziness?"

"It's Ohio."

"I slept through!"

Of course I'm speaking of the weather.  It started two nights ago with crazy middle of the night thunderstorms.  We had warmish, spring-like weather on February's going away day.  

And then March came in with a roar...we woke up to the rumble...and started to bumble as we headed to the basement after an emergency broadcast system of a tornado warning.  We experienced torrential rain and the smell of wet and worm.  Eww!

My eternal problem solver, cause-effect-seeker, Natalie, took the blame and declared she caused all of the energy to erupt in the atmosphere because of how she goes ninja when she's playing the Wii Sports Resort game Sword Play.  LOL,

And then last night we re-entered the deep freeze as the wind chilled us and we woke up to a dusting of snow all around us.  It was soooo cold all day.  

This trick weather has got to get better...and it's snowing a whole bunch at this very moment.  Ugh!


  1. Wii Sports will do it every time! But seriously, I hope you stay warm and safe. Very fun slice! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Only in Ohio. As I drove home yesterday I noticed the August lillies are nearly a foot above the ground. I don't remember them ever being this early. I hope Mother Nature proves the groundhog doesn't know what he is talking about. Someone reminded me yesterday that the snow brought out the March lion so we can now hope to see the lamb.

    If you love strange weather, Ohio is the place to be.


  3. May I, please, ask Natalie to use some of her powers to bring sunshine to Estonia. A dance and a smile, perhaps?

  4. The weather has been tricky all over the country. Here in Arkansas we have had an exceptionally mild winter with few storms. Everything is in bloom and we're hope that this is a sign of a very early spring. Stay safe.

  5. Thanks for sending winter our was 70 last weekend....and 27 today at noon! Sigh....but no matter what, SOL will usher in SPRING...for real!

  6. The weather has been absolutely crazy. Last week it was in the 60's. Today I have 19" of snow outside of my home!


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