Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Slice 1 of 31

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers Blog for hosting this month long story challenge.

Finger-walking through the Rolodex of a lifetime of favorite jokes, this one flipped open...

"How do you sneak up on a unique person?"  
"You neak up on them!"  

Of course Lol! 

The reason...

March snuck up on me...

pondered joining the 10th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge in February
bragged on it as a way to foster learning about the writerly life
assured others it's definitely a challenge.

And then 


February is over and March has come in with a bang [literally (it's storming) and figuratively].

Even though it snuck up on me, I decided to give it a go and signed up for the challenge.  I revisited my playbook idea inspired by the Lebron James Family Foundation as it inspired me to meet the challenge last year. Here are some things to note from the post.


  • Live like a writer (notice details, capture and curate them in special ways and use for ideas)
  • Appreciate every day moments 
  • Become a stronger teacher of writing (a big goal for me)
  • Find a rhythm (try to draft, slice and comment at the same time every day)
  • Reflect on the process

I look forward to the goal of completing the slice of life challenge at the end of the month.


  1. March always comes by a surprise. I am glad that you are joining again. Happy writing!

  2. Yay! So glad you're here and slicing again. March snuck up on me too. How does it do that? Happy Slicing!

  3. I love your playbook idea ( and the book that inspired it). Yup- snuck up on me too!

  4. Yes March is here and I too am surprised. Trying to find my own rhythm as well. Here's to a great month for us all.

  5. Let's do this thing! Glad we have a community to meet with and connect to. Happy you are here!


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