Sunday, March 18, 2018

Day 18 Cookie Moments

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During the month of March, the Girl Scouts are out and about selling Girl Scout Cookies.  Yesterday, Nat's troop took their turn at a Walmart.  

The girls worked the cookie booth and were able to sell about 160 boxes of cookies in two hours.  That means in 120 minutes they sold more than a box a minute.  In those 120 minutes there were some special moments that I consider highlights of the sales-"Cookie Moments".

At one point a gentleman came out of the Walmart.
"Hello there girls."
"Would you like to buy some cookies?"

"Yes! I would thank you.  Which ones are your favorites?"

Nat jumped to pick up the box of Do Si Dos and show him.  "Here's my favorite!"

Olivia held up the Trefoils.

He gently explained, "Here you go (handing us $8). Now you and you go and enjoy those cookies."  

The girls thanked him as he walked away.  So sweet.

Another lady come up to our table.  She handed our leader a twenty dollar bill and said, "I'd like to make a donation."  Wow-so generous.  

A couple came up to make a purchase and the boyfriend said it was "Molly's" birthday.  So we sang happy birthday to her.  She smiled from ear to ear.  They decided to purchase three boxes of cookies.  LOL!

These are the times that made our booth time lots of fun.  

Have you experienced Cookie Moments?  Please share below!


  1. I love cookie moments and yours were delightful. I shared my cookies on my post today. I try to make special ones when I get together with friends so that they can savor the taste and be in cookie heaven.

  2. Some of my favorite "Cookie Moments" came when the girls in my care were Brownies - they took turns dressing up as various cookies to try to hook sales. Seeing them work together to hook, build, and close the sale was magic in action. Happy cookie sales!

  3. So cute! I was never a girl scout growing up, so I missed out on these opportunities.

  4. We ran into some girl scouts yesterday (St. Patrick's Day) outside a neighborhood pub. They had a lovely basket of cookies, but were not allowed into the establishment. We bought 3 boxes from them on our way in, as did many others. Last I looked, their basket was empty!

  5. I love Girl Scout cookies but tend to make donations to those booths instead of buying some. I figure they take their time to try to raise money, the least I can do is donate. I really like how the man bought cookies for the girls. How sweet.

  6. Love me GS cookies. I'm glad your girls had such fun. And hopefully they will remember this for awhile.

  7. You shared some great cookie moments. How wonderful that they could sell so many cookies so fast! There's definitely something to be said for a cookie station instead of door to door.

  8. I love these moments that serve as a reminder that there are so many great people out in the world. I also love that this post reminded me that I have a few Thin Mints left! I had completely forgotten they were in my backpack. Time for a snack!

  9. I order from the girls I know, but only a box or two. Because I love buying from the girls at cookie booths. I remember those years when my daughter was a Brownie and a Girl Scout and purchases are much appreciated.


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