Saturday, March 17, 2018

Day 17 The Roller Coast Memories

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers
for hosting the Slice of Life

Growing up in Ohio, meant summer trips to Cedar Point (well known for coasters).  During a get together with my brothers tonight, we all reminded about our favorite coasters at “the roller coast”.  

Steve remembered riding Gemini with my cousin John.  “Let’s rude in the front cars red vs, blue !”  He shared how they high-fived and cheered for their favorite colors.   We all agreed Gemini ruled when it first came out at CP.

I agreed and shared a memory about riding Gemini 16 times in a row.  Easy to do when the lines diminish.  The Gemini’s wooden ness and competing colors made it so fun to ride with groups of friends.

Mike shared how he loved the Iron Dragon.  A coaster unique to its time too as it allowed for dangling feet and swing as you round curves and drop on hills. 

We all shared how as we’ve aged, our bodies are less tolerant to hills, dips, and curves. 

My hubby and Mike’s girl friend talked of heights fear...the older we get the less we can take...still loving those memories and wishing to do experience it like we did when we were teens.  Missing the roller coast of days gone by.


  1. I haven't been to Cedar Point as a kid. I loved the Gemini. I would ride that over and over.

  2. So true, how our bodies are able to tolerate less as we get older. I too loved roller coasters - the feel you get when your stomach rises into your throat - and you've brought back all those memories through your slice! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I once went to Cedar Point as a kid with my cousins who live in Ohio. It was THE BEST theme park I've ever been to. The roller coasters were absolutely insane. Such good memories. Thanks for reminding me. :)

  4. Living in Central Ohio, I'm a Kings Island girl. We spent all of our time at that park though we did make it to Cedar Point. It was different from Kings Island and quite a treat. I remember we rode Demon Drop and I nearly died. That was something. ;o) I also remember my grandpa - yes, my grandpa - getting on the Cork Screw (I think that was the name of it.). It actually went upside down. I was quite impressed by his bravery.

    At Kings Island, we loved the Beast. The drop at the first hill would make you scream for sure. I also loved Top Gun. The coaster hung from above and was so smooth.

    Now I can barely ride a rollercoaster because of the motion. I sure do miss it!!!


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