Thursday, March 15, 2018

Day 15 Quiet NOT!

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers
for hosting the Slice of Life

In our house, there’s usually no quiet unless it’s the wee hours of the morning... I wake up early after crashing hard from a long day on Wednesday-a busy yet peaceful day.

I revel in the level zero.  I hear the peaceful snoring of the one who’s been sick with a cold.  I hear an alarm in the distance...reminding us to rise and start our day.

I glory in the warmth of the morning and snuggle down with my cozy blankie hearing the heat kick on.  I’m grateful for the warm floor to greet my toasty toes-avoiding the cold shock that sometimes jolts me from slumber in a midnight call for water.

I yawn and stretch like a cat-making me wake and get today’s agenda in my head:  PLCs, principal coach meeting, curriculum team meeting, and finally best of all-a haircut...

I hear water gurgling into the mouth of the coffee pot.  My warm coffee soon to to help me wake and get going on my day’s work.

-the silence has broken away-smashed by the clank of a spoon hitting a bowl-ending  the slow, slothy more quiet here today.


  1. I am also up early this morning, and I love your descriptions- of leaving the cozy bed, loving the quiet, attentive to any sound. I think my favorite part is when you listen to the "peaceful snoring of one who has had a cold." I hear you mother's (?) heart there. And I like how the quiet moments end with the "crash of a spoon." I think the sound descriptions make this piece special.

  2. Those moments of early wake: perfect warmth, day review, listening to silence are like the gentle armour we put on for the day.


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