Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Day 14 Walkout

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers
for hosting the Slice of Life

National School Walk-out took place today.  The kids at our school organized a walk-out for grades 2-5.  They did an amazing job of owning their learning.  They reasearched the Birmingham Children’s Crusade of 1963 and compared it with the walkout planned today in support of the students whose lives were lost in the Parkland, Florida School shooting.  

The students organized the plan (their plan).  They developed at petition to have a walkout to honor students who fell at the hand of a peer.  They dug in, asked questions sought answer and asked more questions.  The kids had names of the students who passed on their signs.  They asked for school safety.  They released one balloon for each student/staff who lost a life in Parkland. 

The children learned life lessons.  They realized media can spin things (gun control). They realized words can be twisted and used in the wrong way and lead people to make judgements that aren’t true.  Their teachers beamed with pride at the effort and choice they put toward today’s peaceful walkout.  


  1. So glad to ear your school participated. They are giving voice to the voiceless.

  2. How wonderful that these sweet children already have such passionate hearts and no fear. Thank you for letting take on this learning challenge.

  3. I love how the kids owned it planned, researched and acted! Powerful work!

  4. How wonderful that the students planned their walkout! I am sure they learned a lot from the experience.


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