Friday, April 1, 2016

The Me I Am Today

for hosting Poetry Friday

The Me I Am Today-Always, Sometimes, Never

I am the clock, slowly ticking or quickly moving-always I am the clock
I am the rug, softly supporting or gently warming-always I am the rug
I am the fireplace, steady and strong, ready to warm a heart or hands-always I am the fireplace
I am the coffee table, holding collections of things-books, puzzles, snacks, consistently there for others-always I am the coffee table

I am the light, dimly glowing or brightly burning, resting or working-sometimes I am the light
I am the toys, lifelessly resting or jointly at play, bringing others together, sometimes I am the toys
I am the stereo, joyful and happy, eager to add beats of energy-sometimes I am the stereo
I am the portraits, smiling away the day, knowing smiles are contagious, passing them along-sometimes I am the portraits

I am the unlit candle, coldly waiting for the spark-never the unlit candle
I am the worn door latch, repeatedly off the track or forgetfully making connections-never the worn door latch
I am the unopened door, holding shut on possibilities-I am never the unopened door
I am the window shade, blocking out the light, keeping things dark-I am never the window shade

These things and more always, sometimes, never describe the me I am today!

**A special thank you to Alan Wright who inspired this poem with his Slice of Life Post I am!  You can read more about the inspiration for this idea here.

**Another thank you to Carol Varsalona for sharing about joining in on Poetry Friday through her "Poetrylicious Announcement"


  1. What an intriguing theme for a poem. The images you've used give a depth to our knowing of you. (Even though this is the first time I've visited your blog/'met' you.)

  2. That's a really interesting exercise, Amy! It reminds me of Billy Collins' "Litany."

  3. Amy, it is wonderful that you joined Poetry Friday and I especially like the way you framed your poem. This is going to be a very special month.

  4. This is fascinating and fun to read. I love the way it all falls together, and it does say so much. I wonder if it would be fun to take any one (or several, at different times) of these lines and write a whole poem from just that one line. Welcome to Poetry Friday and Happy National Poetry Month too! xo

  5. Wow, Amy, this is so filled with you, and a wonderful way to show it. You've taken an idea and made much of it through a fine reflection.

  6. I like the way your poem circles you and is sometimes you and sometimes not. That's the way I see people, changeable and mysterious. I used to tell my kids: "Yes, no, maybe so." We'd decide which one would fit best. :-)

  7. Hi Amy, You have taken an idea and put your own seal upon it. The use of repetition and the different perspectives of always, sometimes, never all add to the voice you provide. glad you were able to use a structure in this way and take it further. Poets are powerful people!

  8. I think I'll have my students try this...about one of the characters in their narrative writing!


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