Thursday, March 31, 2016

Playbook Reflection

Slice 31

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers 

On the day before the 9th Annual SOLSC began, I drafted my playbook...
"Kicking off the 9th Annual Slice of Life Challenge, I will be writing and posting to my blog daily every day for the month of March.  I have only completed the challenge once in four years so my plan is to start off with a playbook...I was inspired by the

Lebron James Family Foundation Playbook 

So here is my playbook for the month.  I will:

  • Live like a writer (notice details, capture them in special ways and use for ideas)
  • Appreciate every day moments 
  • Become a stronger teacher of writing (a big goal for me)
  • Find a rhythm (try to draft, slice and comment at the same time every day)
  • Reflect on the process
I look forward to the goal of completing the slice of life challenge at the end of the month."
and 31 days later I'm reflecting!  Thinking about key points from the playbook...
I know I lived like a writer, I noticed many juicy details, savored them and cooked up some great slices of my own.
I learned to appreciate every day moments even more.
I think I became better at writing.
However, I don't think I found a rhythm, but I do my best writing in the morning.

I read so many great slices about wonderful and sad times, ideas and parts of the community's lives.  Thanks to all the slicers who left me comments-they inspire and connect me by creating webs within the web.  I appreciate the teachers who organized the challenge-Stacey, Tara, Dana, Betsy, Anna, Deb, Beth and Kathleen.  I thank you for the work you have done make this happen.  I appreciate the volunteers who've helped out too.  It's all about togetherness-rowing in the same direction!  We made it through!

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  1. Amy, the journey was amazing. Thanks for showcasing the infographic that I missed along the way. I think your playlist ideas was wonderful. Keep on writing and staying in touch. I hope you join my for my spring gallery during National Poetry Month.

  2. Amy -- thank you! I love reading your posts - hearing your laugh and seeing your smile as I read them. Thank you for your thoughtful responses to my writing as well. I too have loved this challege --til next Tuesday

  3. I love the idea of a writing play book! Congratulations on completing the challenge. It has been a joy to read and write with you this month.

  4. It feels good to have written so much in a month. You followed your playbook well. Keep living a writerly life and you'll find your rhythm. :)

  5. Love the idea of a playbook, Amy, and what it says! And the bit strip is terrific. Love our journey together too, will look for you on Tuesday!


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