Monday, April 4, 2016

Just. A. Kid. and a Sliced Thumb

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Tuesday's Slice of Life

Listening to the Cantina Band play away in the car by request, of course.  I was transported to a Star Wars moment a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  We slowly pulled up to the stop light.  I felt so tired I wasn't sure how I got there.  (I admit I didn't sleep well last night.)
I paused with the traffic...
took a deep breath... 
imagined hanging out with the band...
but Natalie broke the musical moment with a comment-

"Mom! I have a cut on my finger!" she called out from the back as if I was the audience.

"Oh, you do?  Which one?"

She boldly shared, "MY THUMB!"

I asked if it was bleeding and how big the cut was.

Boldness turned to calm, "W-e-ll, it's just a super small cut."

I wondered aloud, "Would you like a band-aid?  I can get you one when we get home.  Or dad has this stuff called 'new skin' that we could-"

"Mom!  I'm just a kid!  A small square band-aid will do!"

"Ok, Miss Natalie, thank you for letting me know,"  I smiled and began chucklin' to myself.  'Just. a. kid.'-she knows herself well, yep, 5 going on 20!  I'm still smiling as I write this slice.  She cracks me up.  I had to share our little moment.


  1. I am surprised she didn't want some "new skin." That would have piqued my sons' attention immediately. Great slice .. small moment ...

  2. I love hearing what kids say, and this is worth capturing, Amy. I'm glad you had that 'small square bandaid" ready for her.

  3. "W-e-ll, it's just a super small cut."

    "Mom! I'm just a kid! A small square band-aid will do!"

    Aw, Nattie. She's adorable. (And she doesn't know what she's missing with the liquid bandage. Love that stuff for fingers!)

  4. This is a sweet little moment from your life. I enjoyed reading it very much. Little Nathalie is a character for sure!
    Amy, I accidentally sent your comment this morning to spam. I have no idea how I did it, and I have no idea how to retrieve it....what a day! maribethbatcho


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