Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fertilizer, Appetizer?

Fertilizer, Appetizer?

Farmers plan to plant their seeds
But long before they do
They add nutrition to the soil
Mixing and tilling through

The things plants need to grow
Mixed well in advance
Helping seeds get what they need
Giving them their best chance

There are some basic nutrients
Plants need to survive and thrive
Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen
Keeping plants alive

Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium
Added to the mix
The fertilizing process,
The out-of-balance fix

Farmers use the combination
An organic and synthetic sow
Blending both so over time
Plants have a healthy place to grow

Farmers get help from animals
Use their manure as fertilizer
It seems so weird to think about
It's the future plants' appetizer!

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  1. Fertilizer and appetizer are fun together! It really is feeding the earth. So neat.


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