Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Birthday Surprises

Slice 22

Today has been a birthday filled with surprises.  It started with well wishes from many friends and family via Facebook and text messages.  I received a beautiful necklace, bracelet and earrings from my friend Laxmi.  I look forward to wearing them.

When I arrived home from work, two more surprises awaited parents were in the driveway to wish me a Happy Birthday and fix the iPad :). And when I walked in the door, my friend Katie and my son burst forth with, "Surprise!" They baked me a birthday cake!  Thanks for the great surprise! Such fun!  We ended up going out to dinner with my parents-enjoyed by all! 

After dinner we came back home to eat the special cake!  Nattie and Kam sang to me too.  It's been a perfect day of surprises!


  1. Sounds like a birthday well-celebrated. Any day that is layered with friends and family, and ends with cake, is a good one. Happy birthday!


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