Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Becoming A Writer

Slice 23

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers 

Natalie's teacher called me over to chat at pick-up today.  At first, I felt nervous...thinking, uh-oh, what did she do?  My nerves calmed as we chatted and she shared that what she wanted to show me was this picture:

She talked about how Natalie is blossoming into a writer who's using invented spelling to send a message with her writing.  Here, she drew a picture of the fam and wrote, "ILVYU"-I love you.

I immediately asked if she could send me this picture as I wanted to save it for Nat.  She's so proud of her work!  I thanked her teacher for sharing it.  We continued to chat about how rewarding teaching is-I'm glad we had this moment and I'm glad we captured this work.

She's becoming a writer...


  1. I still have some of my daughter's first writing pieces. They are so sweet. Your daughter seems so sweet too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am sure you will hold this moment close to your heart Amy. When young learners begins to think of themselves as writers and readers, it is indeed a special realization. One we can truly savour.


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