Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lost, Hopelessly Lost and Then-

I have spent three glorious days of learning at the National Reading Recovery Conference (Sunday-Tuesday).  I am energized...enlightened...enthused!  I drafted and thought, read and researched.  I wanted desperately to share my story of the conference!  And then, my slice found me!

On Sunday, I tweeted to the world and #literacyconference this tweet:

I asked every hotel desk connected to the conference center, registration booth, and colleagues if they had seen it.  No, no one's turned it in.  No one's found it.  We'll check with security!  Everyone was so helpful-but no locket.  I hoped with every passing hour that it would be found in a simple place or turned in by a good Samaritan.  I prayed to St. Anthony...I checked back every day, everywhere I was.  Still no locket.

We all got in the car to come back home-holding on to the last bit of hope that it might be in Rosemary's car.  WE finally arrived at the driveway where we transferred cars.  I couldn't believe my eyes!!  I saw the red ribbon from the back seat-"It's in the grass!  I see it!"

I jumped out of the SUV and ran over-THERE IT WAS!  MY LOCKET!  Slightly dented on the back but still together and Kam's picture wet and faded...but FOUND!

I am so thankful to have it back!!  I found my locket and my slice!  More about the conference soon!


  1. This is a miracle Valentine story for sure.

  2. What a great well crafted...a bit of suspense and LOTS of love...:P)

  3. When things like this happen . . . all seems right with the world.

  4. I am happy for you, and love the way you shared with us, anticipating is the nicest thing to read, Amy.


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