Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shock-Jack Frost MIA

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Our driveway has been like the luge track at the Winter Olympics for about three weeks now!  The more we drove on it, the slipptier (Nat's word) it became.  The height of treachery came last Thursday as the temps again dropped at the near zero mark and I had to dodge the trash barrels while backing out!  SERIOUSLY HONEY?  Can we at least put them on the same side?  The whole family needed baseball spikes to maneuver mail pickups.  In fact, Nat had her boots on and still went down on her crown Friday morning...

I know get to the point, right?  I had to capture all of the slippery details forward to Monday morning!  
"Do you you want to put the garage door up?" I asked Nat. After all, it's one of her favorite morning routines.  
"Sure Momma!" Coat on, zipped and smiles from ear to ear! Click, door going up, she bounded down the steps to the driveway.
"HUUH?  Momma, where's Winter?  Jack Frost finally left our driveway!!"


Where has he gone?  Oh, "I'm sure the devious little fella will be back soon!"
"Yes, Momma, I miss him!"  


  1. Me either! I love this post and "slipptier" (Great word!!). Love the personification of winter and that he is, finally, blessedly MIA.

  2. I love this! Fun and silly. Perfect way to kick that little twerp out the garage door! Thanks for the early morning chuckle.

  3. I love the way you built up to your point in this post. LOVELY. I heard he was here for a moment or two yesterday. I must have been guiding readers and writers at that moment as it was back to the luge in my driveway at night!

  4. I love how our little ones take pleasure in the simple routines of our lives. As for Jack Frost, he's a routine that must go! Glad you have a little break from him and I'm hoping he stays away. I totally laughed at the trash cans as we have a similar obstacle course over here, too.

  5. Yikes! I don't miss him either. This is such a fun Slice to read. I wrote about missing things and people today as well. Jack Frost wasn't one of them:)


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