Tuesday, March 10, 2015

11 Things Right Now

Slice 11 of 31
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Yesterday, the "inspire" Stacey shared was "10 things right now" and "currently"! Thanks to Mandy and Bev for these mentor ideas!  Here are my 11 things currently  starting with this huge issue that threatens to blow a large hole in the slicing process...

11.  Our modem is not working!! Ugh!  I'm slicing from my phone in Panera.  But I'm enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and nibbling on a little snack!

10.  I started my Easter basket shopping-found some cute stuff.

9.  I just got my hair trimmed!  I enjoyed catching up with Michelle-my stylist!

8.  I'm relieved that round 1 of PARCC and AIR assessments have ended.

7.  I wore a Spring jacket to work today! {fist PUMP}

6.  I played with the fourth graders today to review Ohio History.

5.  I sat in on Math centers with Firsties today.  They showed off the knowledge of 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less!

4.  I observed a sweet moment when one of my office mates received flowers for her birthday from her daughter and grandsons.

3.  I enjoyed chatting at lunch with a coworker that has a job interview this week and speculating about what questions she might be asked...

2.  I loved watching Nattie kick the snow pile next to the driveway this morning.  Get outta here winter!

1.  I smiled watching Kam give an endearing hug to Nat, who he lovingly refers to as "Pip Squeak"!
My 11 on the 11th!


  1. Thanks for reminding me to really observe those small things that happen in a day and celebrate them! Your positive attitude is inspiring!

  2. I love these! Great dedication to slice from Panera :) Goid luck to your co-worker. Now that you've shopped for Easter baskets, then spring must be on its way!

  3. All good, except for the modem. Hope it's fixed fast, Amy. Love hearing about Nattie kicking the snow!

  4. i love this format as do my often reluctant writers. Today one group talked me into 11 words.

  5. Oh yes the little things - nice idea!

  6. What a great idea! Enjoyed reading your list!


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