Sunday, March 8, 2015

Our Today Show

Slice 8 of 31
(writing & posting your slice) every day for the month of March
Thanks to Stacey, Tara, Anna, Beth, Betsy and Dana
for hosting!

Waking up to the shining sun streaming through the windows
Sitting in the sunroom soaking in my surroundings
Looking out the window and seeing the cold, white piles of snow
Listening to the kids, playing with their games and toys
and then I noticed where normally the TV would be on but now off...
Kevin is eating breakfast at the table and his reflection is showing
on the TV screen!

Observing the breakfast routine on the TV screen of today's Birthday Boy!

Our "Today Show"
SUNNY-with a chance of

Reading the newspaper

E a t i n g brown sugar oatmeal

Gobbling down a banana

Sssssipping some tan-colored coffee
Setting the coffee mug back d
ing through the next pages of The Beacon
Snicker-ing :)  at the latest news story
Lamenting over the latest sports reports (Cavs, Browns, Indians)
Pl a n n i n g for a relaxing Sunday
Enjoying a birthday his way...

Just a slice capturing nature's reminder of the importance of reflection...


  1. This is amazing. Your ability to show and not tell brought me into your kitchen. Thank you.

  2. Wow Amy what a cool slice! I wasn't quite sure where it was going but I loved you Today's Show". Well done!

  3. Great slice. Your Today show is much better that anything that is on TV.


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