Saturday, November 22, 2014

Opportunities to Celebrate Writing

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“If through your workshop, they (students) come to believe in themselves as writers, you have given them a gift that will sustain them for years to come.” 
~Fletcher and Portalupi, 2001

     This week, I celebrate the opportunities to profess the importance of writing...writing with students, every. single. day.  writing to walk in writer's shoes...I felt giddy with excitement over the opportunities to share with teachers what I know to be true as a writer!

1.  Writing is hard work.  Commit to growing as a writer by being a writer.  You can't get better by watching from the sidelines.  You've got to get in the game too!  Write, Write! write...

2.  Writing can surprise you.  I look back through some of my blog posts and feel so much joy inside when I re-read my thinking on paper.  Sometimes as you go back through what you have written, you may wonder...and ponder and feel compelled to write even more.

3.  Writing is for an audience.  Publishing pieces for an audience and thinking about how they might react to your work drives you to be better at it.  Writing can improve with grows and glows!  Feedback sustains more writing.  It's another key to success.

     I cherish the time I had to share with the professional learning communities in APS! Implementing the writer's workshop is truly a new venture for our district this year and I want to make sure we get it right. write. right?

I made suggestions on resources and people to follow...I celebrate the opportunity to link up with many writers here.

I also shared some of my favorite children's book titles about writing too...

You are authors!

You all have a story to tell!

So look closely at the world and notice the details...

I celebrate being thankful for teachers who are teaching kiddos how to write!


  1. Beautiful, Amy! I've recently taken over a class, & 12 weeks in, I'm struggling with how to begin. Your post today gives me a boost to just start! We are so busy that I've tried to keep the assignments limited, but I know in my heart that to do other work well, they need to practice, and write every day, just as you've written! Thanks!

  2. This is so cool! You inspire and nudge other teachers to write to become better at teaching young writers. Passion is contagious.

  3. What words of wisdom about writing! I especially love #2.

  4. What a wonderful celebration of writing. I feel like this should be a bulletin board .....I'll give you credit!!!!!!!


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