Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Time to Be

Allowed to run!
Allowed to play! 
Allowed to shoot...
at the basketball hoop
ball in hand-alley oop! with my friends

Wanting to shout--
Allowed to laugh out--
Wanting to echoooooo
from the top of the hill down to Basswood
goods in hand from the trading post!

Learning to chat...
Learning to waiter and wait...
Learning to eat and try tasty new foods...
Learning to sing new, silly songs playing fun games (gizmo)
in the dining hall, cleaning up making things neat-leave no trace
breakfast, lunch and dinner with friends!

Hunting for critters...or sticks for a fire!
Learning to explore with the guys out in the woods... 
Identifying parts of the beauty of nature!
Being there rain and shine
finding the treasures at Manatoc!

Dressing in uniforms...
Learning to salute!
Loving retreat, closing the day 
on the parade field, flags flying
marching-left, left, left right left gather...entering the trail to Eagle
Sitting down to listen...
Learning to reflect...
at the Manatoc Council Circle
thinking in silence
to be
just me...
away at Webelo Residence Camp!

The idea for writing this post came after thinking about all of the unique experiences that went on during Webelos Residence Camp with my son Kam.  I want to thank the leaders who attended the camp this week for offering encouraging pieces of advice to my son and the other boys there as they work toward becoming a Boy Scout.  Thank you to Shaun Grayson, Scott Kline (& Zack), Matt Roeser, Jason Ehrhardt, Steve Smith (& Robert), and Ammie Brigger.  Thank you for being such great role models for the boys this week.  Your kindness, generosity of spirit and friendship are amazing points of light for the boys as they continue to learn and grow to be our future Boy Scouts.

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