Monday, July 28, 2014

Friends Make It...

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the weekly Slice of Life!  I'm writing via my phone from  Webelos Residence Camp.  My son is a camper here this week...we are camping for the first time, together.  I've been here since Sunday afternoon.  I have seen so many neat things (people helping each other, boys learning responsibilities for setting up and cleaning up, and vespers)...
I'm definitely soaking in the idea of listening since it's my OLW this year.  I thought deeply about this as I listened to the sounds of the snap, crackle, pop of the raindrops on the tent last night-

Even though the weather has been atrocious-cold, windy, monsoon-like-it hasn't been so bad because of the friendships that are being fostered!  Friends make everything better!  And that's my slice live from camp!


  1. This is also my 300th post on my blog here! So hard to believe!

  2. Sounds like your second OLW is seems like YOU are seeking and finding HAPPINESS even with atrocious weather.....have a good week :)

  3. Amazing that you posted from such a busy week - good for you. Camp is such a special time of awayness and tuning in at the same time. Enjoy!!

  4. Amy, I enjoyed reading about your camp experience. What a special time you are experiencing with your son. Loved that you chose listening for your OLW-great words: snap, crackle, pop of the raindrops. Are you interested in reflecting and writing about summer serenity? if so, see,

  5. Look at you... posting from your phone! Way to go.
    Read the (next) post and it sounds like the camping experience was a successful one!


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