Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nature's Performance

Thanks to the teachers at Two Writing Teachers who team up every week to host the Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge...

Leaves clogging down the street,
Arriving for the play!
Wind howling in our ears
Performers coming nearer...
Thunder clapping in the distance!
Performance beginning,
Drops plip-plopping hard then harder!
Light dimming...
Leaves settling down watching the show.
Wind howling through the eaves!
Storm storming now!
Thunder booming
Lightning flashing

Actors hamming it up
Rain splashing harder
Thunder booming louder
Lightning flashing brighter
Performance almost ending
Drops are dropping
Still plip-plopping
Leaves glistening with joy in the sun
Lights coming up...
Storm moving on.
No blackouts today!
Thunder and rain taking a final bow!
(without a curtain call)
Nature's new backdrop-
the rainbow!
Upstaging thunder, wind and rain's performance!
What a beautiful sight!

Just some inspiration after hearing the leaves and the storm yesterday...but no rainbow...that part's a dash of imagination!  Happy Spring slicing friends!  I think it's finally here.


  1. Great poem - love the line: "leaves settling down to watch the show". I felt like I was watching the storm with them. Spring must be here - I can feel it in the air!

  2. Enjoyed the spring performance by Mother Nature and her company. Wonderful language. Rainbow steals the show every time.



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