Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In Defense of a Big Brother

While Kameron is on Spring Break this week, he's going to the same childcare center where I send Natalie.  She's so happy that he's there with her.  And dropping them off at the same place and same time each day this week has been a nice change of pace.  Kam even shared with me today that he got to watch Nat during her dance class and said she did pretty good.

On the drive home though, Kam shared with me that one of the teachers just can't seem to get his name right. I asked Kam if he wanted me to talk to the her about it.  He said yes.  Well, Miss Nattie heard this too and later shared her own thinking on the topic as we got ready for bed...

"Momma, I want my notebook."

"You do?  What for?"

"I want to write Miss C a note and tell her, Kameron's name is nooot Ethan!"

"Ok, I'll get you your notebook!"

I promptly went downstairs and shared this little tidbit with Kev and Kam.  We all had a little giggle at Nat's defense of her big brother!

I came back upstairs and she promptly scribbled away a little scribble-scrabble note in her fat and chunky notebook.  She turned a few other pages and did some more scribble scrabble and then laid down pencil and notebook still in hand.  I turned out the lamp and she nodded off to dreamland holding on to the defense plan...the truth!

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers writers for hosting the Slice of Life Story Challenge...thank you for all you do to encourage the written word!


  1. I love that your daughter already knows writing has a purpose and can bring changes. Keep a notebook always available.

  2. A girl after my own heart! She know the power of the pen. Thanks for sharing, Amy!

  3. Amy,
    I love that she wanted a notebook. I'm thinking she must see you do that a lot. How wonderful of her to stand up for her brother. It sounds like they are enjoying spending their week together.


  4. Sweet sister!
    Love how she wrote it down!

  5. I love when siblings bond together to take on their world - or at times - their parents! Great story!

  6. Amy, how wonderful that Nat already knows that her words have power. I love, love, love this story. I hope the teacher gets Kam's name correct now!!

  7. Way to go , little sis. This is a wonderful story of a caring relationship, and about a growing writer knowing the power of written words.


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