Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Games We Play!

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Floating around our house are many, many board games.  We love to play the games with family and friends when there is time in our schedule to bust them out.  And now, Nattie is beginning to follow in our foot steps and has begun asking to play specific games with us.  Last week we played Trouble, Jenga and Sorry.

All of us were scratching our heads when she requested this latest game..."the shape game".  "What do you mean?  Can you tell us what it looks like?"

"You know.  It has all those shapes!"  she was getting frustrated, very frustrated.  And when three year olds get frustrated you know the tantrum is about to rear it's ugly head!

We finally reverted to the "show me what you mean" command and she lead us down to the basement cupboards where some of the games are stored.  The game she pointed to was...

Perfection!  OH!  THE SHAPE GAME!  Well if it wasn't already named Perfection, the name "Shape Game" would make perfect sense.

So, we carefully deployed it from the box...and sat together on the carpet playing.  I received this from Santa for Christmas when I was seven.  I still love playing this game!  No matter how many times I've played it, when the timer goes off, I still screech in angst and the shapes jumping out of the tray scares the be-jeepers out of me!

I really enjoyed the time playing the game with my little shape sorter buddy!  Thanks was a "perfect" time with you!


  1. Ahh.... perfection. Otherwise known as the "make Maria an angsty wreck" game. Hehe.... I couldn't play it as a kid and I still wince whenever a child near me plays the game. I can't handle the countdown!

    My family loves games, but I'm not a huge fan of most. We recently played Telestrations (like whisper down the lane but with drawing) and it was a lot of fun.

  2. You brought me back to a time...long ago... when our family had "family game night" each Sunday. Your post made me smile as I traveled along that memory. I am so happy when I hear of other families taking the time to play together. In my family, we all remember that time and often share our memories with new family members. You are giving yourself and your kids a gift that lasts a lifetime and that they will most likely pass onto another generation:)

  3. I'm glad you were able to figure out the correct game. I have never played the one you wrote about.

  4. Sounds like a perfect family game! Our family loves games too . . . when we find the time.

  5. Oh wow...I remember that game. :"The Shape Game" may need a repackaging and renaming for this modern world. ;)

  6. We still have a collection of those favorite games, I know one day we'll be playing them with kiddos again, and remembering times such as the one you shared with Nattie.

  7. We love board games too. I know we have a few stashed in the cupboards that we need to pull out for the girls to try! Love this family time together. So many special memories.

  8. When I first started reading this, I immediately thought about how I jump every time the timer goes off and by the end - there you were writing the same thing! Another favorite of ours was Guess Who. Fortunately for us, our kids still,love to,play games! Apples to Apples is the top one right now! Fun times!

  9. I love board games! I have often thought that that would be a great nightly homework- play a board game, then read for 30 minutes.


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