Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hatching Eggs!

Slice of Life
Day 23

The refrigerator door slowly opened and I wondered what to eat for breakfast today.  Hmmm.  I decided on making an egg and English muffin sandwich.  I carefully lifted the egg out of the six pack, cracked it gently into the bowl and began to scramble it adding just a drop of milk.  I cooked it in the microwave because it simply makes the perfect round egg to plop on the English muffin.  My muffin came out toasted just right along with the egg and I sat down at the table to enjoy my sandwich and the hazelnut coffee my hubby brewed this morning!

The little imp of the house had already decided to eat the coco puffs for her breakfast.  She decided on not finishing them as they had grown soggy after she went off to play with the toys in the sun-room.  Then, she heard me cooking and watched me eating my tasty toasted blend of morning joy...

Half way through my breakfast, the little imp insisted, "I want to hatch some eggs!" meaning she wanted to crack the egg into the bowl, mix it, and cook it.  So I called her over to the kitchen and we began the process for cooking her egg and toast.

photo credit:  wikihow

My nerves were on edge as I handed her the egg to break on the edge of the bowl.  My habit of prediction brewed up images of messiness as soon as the deed was done.  I demonstrated the slow and careful approach to egg "hatching" and hastily handed over the egg for her to do the deed...and then "hatch"!  She tapped the egg so hard that it immediately broke in half with some shell and egg going into the bowl, her hand and the floor.  "Ok, Nat, not so hard next time! Let's clean it up!"  

"Sorry Mom!"

"It's ok, just not so hard..." and we cleaned up the mess that began her second nibble of breakfast.  It's hard to let your imp make mistakes...but how else can they learn?


  1. Oh Amy, I am with you! I had such a tendency to do it myself--especially if I was drinking my morning coffee. Kudos for you for taking the time and give a lesson (you can always warm the coffee in the microwave, right.)

  2. :) She's gotta learn! Soon, the messes will be but a memory.

  3. I still can't always do it without the mess. Letting her practice is the beginning of her cooking for you later, Amy! I love the 'hatching' term, so funny!

  4. I love how she called it "hatching" eggs!! Yes, it's so tempting to do things for little kids so there isn't a mess, but then they don't learn. Soon she will be a pro at it!

  5. What a sweet slice of your morning! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love it! I find that I am most saddened by people that let their imps make mistakes but then don't have the patience to teach them through their mistakes. Your words, "It's OK" (while recently ruined by Juan Pablo, the Bachelor) are such a beautiful gift to children in their learning process. Thank you for being your imp's biggest teacher today!

  7. How else can they learn - you got it!

  8. It is so hard to not just do it myself. But you are right how are they going to learn. Maybe that is why my daughter still can't cook at 21! :)


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