Monday, January 20, 2014

Through Her Eyes

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As I happily kissed good-bye to 2013 and rang in the New Year, I felt like I started the year off on the right foot...I worked hard over break to keep my #nerdlution of writing and accomplished much more:  daily reading, creating and reflecting until...

I saw the world through her eyes!  Poking, jabbing, bruising from needles to draw blood, and start IVs.  Being whisked away on the gurney to determine exactly what was going on inside of her gut.  Rushing doctors, tears, worries, fear of the unknown.  Would her fate be the same as it was the last time?  Would surgery be in her future?  What was the cause of this?  More talking and conversation from doctors and nurses...Would she be admitted?




The medical team moved her upstairs to the seventh.  A non-surgical floor-thank God!  We've dodged a major set-back.  The family all there (if they could be) to make sure there were no stones left un-turned, no question un-asked.  And then, good-bye for the night.  Confusion settled in, not sure where she was or why her family was no longer around, she wondered and wandered.  She had to be confined to her room, now assigned a sitter.  She watched in the window, saw the reflections and worried that the people were coming to get her.  Her daughter phoned, "Hi sweet momma!"  

"What's so sweet about it?"

"Just wanted to wish a good night, sleep tight!"

"Yah, right.  I got nothin' to say to you."

"Ok, mom, see you in the morning..." tears streaming, guilt setting in...texts and phone calls to update the family of her condition.

Hospital doctors and nurses assuring that confusion and unusual behaviors are normal for elderly patients who enter the hospital...she suffered from infection, and exhaustion...beeping alarms on the IV pump, pulling out her IV, resetting it on a different vein, more poking, bruising, testing...reflecting, sitting, laying, and crying. Family visits, phone calls updates and prayers of healing offered.



More waiting, crying, and poking, medication...there, in the large intestine, a diverticulum protrudes from the intestine wall behind the small intestine...forming an abscess about the size of a baseball...which shrunk with antibiotic treatment to the size of a golf ball.  Doctors hoping with continued treatment of antibiotics that it shrinks more and surgery to remove it will be unnecessary.  

Reintroduction of solid food, removal of the at last-no more beeping, nor wheeling that device around, freedom to walk about, bend, stretch...relax.



Going to a rehab center for a week or two...the transfer, new faces, warm places.  Visiting there, prayers still working...moving about, watching her diet, her meds, her feelings.  She's on the mend.  She's feeling stronger. every. day.

Continue to pray...


Whether you know or don't know, this is all about my mom and the last two weeks of my life.  It's been incredibly crazy and exhausting.  Everyone is doing better-mom included.  We continue to pray that she'll not need surgery and her condition with the abscess improves after the next CT Scan...

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.  We need them.  Amen.


  1. Good to have your voice present again. Will keep your mom in my prayers!

  2. Quite a roller coaster ride for you over the last two weeks! I'm glad the ride has slowed for now. Enjoy the peace in knowing there are answers. Continued prayers for your mom and your family and the doctors!


    Your Hands...JJ Heller...


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