Saturday, December 28, 2013

Reflection Fest-Funniest Moment

From Moment

For the rest of 2013, over at The Teaching Channel Blog, they are hosting Reflection Fest.  Each day there will be a new moment to reflect on and yesterday's was the funniest moment of the year.

I know in my heart I spent plenty of time giggling about moments with kids and their innocence on the humor end of things.  In being retrospective about the humor side, I have noticed that I should be more diligent about taking note of these funny times.

One of the funniest moments that I can remember is in working with the Kindergarten teacher next to me, we shared lots of moments after school-happy, sad, frustrated, elated and funny.  One such event was the time when we were sharing a booger story.  The little girl had just sneezed into her hand and needed her nose cleared off.  After she got her tissue and wiped up the mess that was her nose, she told her teacher she needed the "hanitizer".  Oh, yes, she most definitely did!

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