Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Elves and the #nerdlution movement

Our Elves, Jingle and Christina are back for another visit this year!  Today's #nerdlution story is all about how Kam has been writing letters to Jingle every night (since Sunday) and Jingle is writing back!...I think Jingle caught on to the #nerdlution movement!  Can you believe this crazy elf?  He must be spying on me too and noting what makes me happy!

Jingle's been cheering on Kam to do well on his tests and homework and giving happy little responses to questions Kam asks about communication with Santa and the like!  It's alarming that Jingle writes in ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME.  I WONDER WHY HE DOES THAT!  Hmmm...I wonder...

Tonight, Kam also wrote a letter to Nattie's elf, Christina!  She responded to Kameron as well.    Her response is admittedly sloppy as she is a newly right-handed writing elf!   Messy, messy, messy... She tried though-she tried.  And she's writing with upper and lowercase letters...

So the elves in our house are writers!   Oh, the joy from these simple letters...that's what #nerdlution is all about though-whatever makes you happy!

Thanks Team #nerdlution

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