Monday, September 16, 2013

"Great Noticing!"

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As we walk through life or even run through life (like it seems sometimes) we're surrounded by hundreds of daily details. One of the things I catch myself saying to Kameron and Nattie is "Great noticing!" whenever they mention little details in their daily conversations.

 On Sunday when we were eating lunch, I was sharing how the cheese we were eating was shaped like a square-

and Natalie blurted out, "Good noticing, Mama!"

Of course, her remark made us giggle because noting the cheese was shaped like a square wasn't earth shattering-maybe to her it was.  And then, I pondered on what may have been running through her mind...Could it be that she had picked up on my modeling of noticing details?  Maybe...

This little sliver of a slice caused me to think that we never really know just how well children or students are able to pick up on the modeling of what we're thinking aloud.  As a result, we should be sure that behaviors and thinking we've modeled are really what we want to see and hear.


  1. You certainly hit that one on the head! My brother's first "sentence" was "Shut up you #$()% dog!" It was an eye opening moment my mother talked about for years. Parents often say their children imitate their teachers at home! Something to think about whenever we open our mouths...which is typically a lot!

  2. This post dovetails so nicely with the one Linda wrote today...important ideas for all of us to consider.

  3. I adore when kids repeat the good things they hear their parents say. (As opposed to the stories of them repeating swear words.) Love this slice, Amy!

  4. Ah, yes. Simple noticing can have a great impact. Loved your slice (of cheese)! :)

  5. Amy, we could have written together today! Modeling is so important, I know! Fun to hear those great words repeated, wasn't it?


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