Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Got to go!

How does writing feel to you?  A question inspired by Rissa's end of the month post on slicing and Stacey's call for slices @ the Two Writing Teachers Blog Site...and the topic of today's slice.  I wasn't going to slice today-I've had way too many things happening personally and professionally lately...and then this week's call for Tuesday slices hit me like a brick wall...I had a moment-a reality moment and passionate thoughts began flowing through my head, into my fingers and onto the screen.

One day you wake up and it just happens.  You realize you can no longer fit in those jeans.  The ones you love!  The ones you live in!  The ones you just can't bare to give away to the Goodwill...and then you realize-you've got to take something off of your plate in order to get back into those jeans-the ones you just can't give up!  No more laying down flat and sucking in that belly thing on the bed to get the zipper up and the button latched!  You know the jeans-the ones you adore-the faded, tattered, almost-feel-like-jammies jeans.  Taking something off the plate will allow for a reduction in daily calories of things that don't fit your nutritional needs!  And then, maybe, just maybe-they'll fit again...

The jeans that I thought I was wearing so well were my "writing jeans"!   To fit back into them every day as I did in the month of March, I have to take something off of my plate and say goodbye to it-forever?

REVELATION!  I know what isn't fitting my nutritional needs now-I.really.know.  I've had a moment with a particular food item on my plate that is giving me no nutritional value whatsoever!  This revelation will allow me to remove the item and fill my plate only with what is needed so that I can begin to consider fitting back into those jeans-writing again-more frequently (maybe not every day-but close enough). I am now confessing...the thing that must be removed immediately is candy.crush.saga!  There I've professed it.  Now you know why I haven't been writing.  I want to beat it...but now I know that while I thought I was getting something from it-it has been getting something from me!  My free time!   NO MORE CANDY CRUSH!  GOT TO GO!

So, to fit back into my writing jeans, here is my plan:
1.  Write first!
2.  If time is left over, read
3.  If any free minutes are available-only then can I play it...I already know that I probably won't and shouldn''s so fun...may be just a little?

What has no nutritional value in your life and needs removed from your plate so you can fit in your "writing jeans"?

Thanks Stacey-for having me check my writing does it feel?  Better now...because now I know what needs to happen.


  1. I had NO idea where you were going with this piece but LOVED how it ends! I have NOT played the Candy Crush Saga but have seen it pop up on Facebook! It sounds like the Crush is worse than a bag of Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, with homemade gaucamole, a box of Sees Chocolates and a freezer full of Ben and Jerry's temptation! Personally, I am glad you are giving up the Candy Crush in order to fit into those writing jeans!

  2. LAUGH!! Classic!

    I love this metaphor. That's one thing I haven't been tempted to try.

  3. What an analogy Amy!!! I too had a very different idea where this was going...I was ready to tell you how I feel your pain when the jeans don't fit...and I do mean my real jeans...and how I did start taking things off my real plate! Thanks for giving me my laugh for the day!!!! ;-)

  4. I was doing lots of inferring about Candy Crush. I don't go on FB because of how addictive it is in my life. I need to consider getting rid of something right now to get back in my comfy jeans too...and that really is snacking and TV together! So me, I have to literally and figuratively take it off. :) Thanks Amy

  5. Such a humorous metaphorical slice. Playful.

  6. i have a "pair of jeans" to give up, but it's really true & they're favorites-I discovered a hole in them! I've considered a patch, but really, can a grandmother wear patched jeans? I see all those on Facebook playing candy crush saga & have stayed away. I love the games, got caught in Angry Bird for a while, but finally quit. We'll welcome you back, Kristi!

  7. I love your plan to get back into your writing jeans. That is brilliant! (Sounds like a modified version of the plan I had to get back to my pre-pregnancy clothes, which I FINALLY did.) Good luck, Amy.

  8. Love this analogy Amy --- and very glad you are making time to write again. I am looking forward to stopping by to read. In a week I will be done with my poetry challenge. I will have completed 61 days of posting. I have to say I've given up some things to accomplish this goal and I'm looking forward to finding a little balance. I've learned I enjoy writing. It's therapeutic. I know I'm going to have to give up a few things, set a few goals, and learn to work writing into my day to keep up with what I've started.

    I don't know what Candy Crush Saga is, but I don't think I'll try to find out. I don't need any other addictions. ;o)


  9. I love how you took the question and created this incredible slice! I loved it!

  10. Oh, I am so glad I finally won at Candy Crush. I never linked it to FB though, so no one knows how much time I've lost there. Words with Friends was another one. My plate has been cleared a bit I'm experimenting with alternating 30 min. at the computer and 15 min. up and about to do laundry, etc. It's better than the 6 hrs. at a time I've been sitting! Taking charge of time is key!

  11. Amy,
    Your post made me laugh. I kept thinking it was a post about dieting (you can tell whose real jeans, not the metaphorical ones) are a little tight right now! And then it ends up to be a computer game. I haven't tried that one-- think after reading your post, I will just stay away!


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