Saturday, March 16, 2013

No 'i' in TEAM

Slice 16 of 31

As I reflect on the past 15 days of playing the game called the Slice of Life Challenge, I tried on my baseball lenses.  I started thinking about how we are all players on the same team.  We have supported each other well during the challenge so far and I hope we continue. 

Some stats on the game:

Batting average:  16 at-bats, 16 hits=1,000 -I've sliced every day so far.  The challenge for me has been the timing as my schedule is never the same every day.  Something has come up that has caused the time I would prefer to write-morning-to change because of being too tired, someone else being awake who usually isn't-Nattie- or I had too many other things that needed done first.

Game play:  Every day, I arrive at the game with my equipment ready to enter onto the playing field.  Everyone else on my team does too.  There are rookies and novices in this game-but we are all learning from each other.  Whether we've hit singles, doubles or grand-slams, we are learning.

Position:  Whether batting (writing) or catching in the field (making comments), I feel supported by my team in every way.  I hope we are all having fun at our game.

Shout outs!  Thanks to our GMs Stacey and Ruth for leading all of us to the playing field and encouraging through example.  Thanks to the managers-Linda, LeAnn, Bonnie and Carol who have fielded questions or concerns in relation to the challenge.  Thanks to all of the bloggers-writers!  I wish I had enough time to read of all of your slices-I will be going back when I am on spring break.
I am looking forward to continuing my at-bats and being inspired by the moves, hits, and catches of others.

We are all learning to exercise our writing muscles and growing stronger from the game performances every day.  I will continue to depend on this team of people for learning and growing as a writer.  Thanks to all for the support so far, there is no "i" in team.


  1. Shout out to you and all the other team players! I love this game a little more this year because I am not a rookie. It feels more practiced and easier, but still challenging enough that I am still nervous when I get up to the plate.

  2. Love the analogy! I am also finding that my preferred time to write hasn't always worked. But like a good team player I am showing up every day and giving it my best shot.

  3. I love the baseball metaphor! It's fun to think of slicing like that. It's definitely been a learning experience for me, but one that I would not trade for the world.

  4. As a rookie, I appreciate all of the support and how nice everyone has been. I have to admit, the best thing of all is having an audience for what I am writing. That has made me continue to stick with this. Nice analogy and appropriate for this time of year!

  5. I love your analogy! Thanks for helping this rookie keep at it. It has been so nice to visit other blogs and see how the real writers hone their craft. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your successful stats!

  6. I don't know much about baseball, but your analogy makes sense even to a baseball rookie! I have always appreciated your outfield comments!

  7. Great post, Amy! Congratulations on making it to day 16. I agree with everything you've written about. Here's another 15 days of successful blogging!

  8. Yup, shout out to you too Amy! I loved your post and didn't expect it. In fact when I thought it might really be about baseball I hesitated and clicked anyway. Glad I did.
    Totally agree :)

  9. Amy,
    I loved your analogy to baseball. My apologies in advance for the rest of my comment.

    (Sung to the tune of Take Me Out to the Ballgame.).
    Take me out to the challenge.
    Take me out to a slice.
    Stop by the blogs to read everyone's post.
    It's hard to say which I like most.

    Well, it's post, post, post for the bloggers.
    They work to stay in the game.
    Well, it's write, write, write,
    That's the plan,
    At the slice challenge.

  10. I love the analogy! As one of the rookies this year, I appreciate the team effort from all the commenters. I have felt so welcomed to the team.

  11. Love the baseball twist on slicing! Perfect! And like you, I cannot imagine slicing without the rest of the team! I love reading other people's slices, and also reading other people's comments on mine!

  12. Great analogy! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.


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