Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Looking for Love

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I tried several times to get started but nothing came to mind...until
Way back in 1995, I wasn't looking for love.  I had just broken out of a serious relationship.  I startedsubbing as a teacher and got a great long-term position in First Grade at a great school.  I met the staff and felt very excited to be there teaching.  I wasn't looking for love...
Over conversation in the lounge at lunch, the school secretary casually mentioned, oh, you really should go out with my son sometime.  I bet you two would have a lot of fun together.  I told her I was single and happy to be so and wasn't looking for love!  She explained that he wasn't either so if we just approached getting together in a friendship sort of way, she thought it would be great for both of us.  We weren't looking for love...
A few phone conversations had taken place and we made plans to meet up at a sports bar downtown.  It was a pretty big place and we thought we knew what we were looking for-each other-a blind date really as we'd never met in person before this, and we weren't looking for love.  He was looking for me (in the upstairs lobby)  and I was looking for him (in the downstairs lobby) and neither of us knew we were looking for the other in the wrong place.  Since this was the pre-cell phone era, after a half an hour went by, I went to the pay phone and called his mom...was he still coming out tonight?  did he still want to meet up?  His mom reassured me that he planned to meet where I called from and that I should look for him.  I took her advice.
I found him sitting on the bench waiting for me.  I wasn't looking for love and neither was he...but we found each other and eventually found love-now happily married for 16 years!  


  1. Wow, what a grand love story. My husband was just looking for another girl and thought I was her. I just wanted to dance and voila--43 years later!

  2. Oh,,,yes...FIrst comes friendship...then comes love... THE BEST kind of love story!

  3. I really like your real-life love story! And kudos to his mom for being a great matchmaker. :-)

  4. Great story, Amy! Thanks for sharing.


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