Sunday, January 20, 2013

Joining Together for Books

Non-fiction Picture Book Challenge 2013-Hosted by Kid Lit Frenzy!

Issue 1, Book 2/52
For this review, I found the book Hands Around the Library, by Susan Roth and Karen Leggett Abouraya, when I was browsing through the "New Books" section at the local library. 

The book is full of beautiful collages that were created by Susan Roth.  These collages tell the story of how the people of different ages and religions joined hands around the library to protect it during protests against the Egyptian government in 2011.  I feel bad for not knowing about how important this event was for the people at the time.  I went in search of more information about the event and found this link to the book, which has additional information and links to libraries around the world, more about the events that took place and other information about the story, as well as resources for classroom teachers or librarians.
This is a remarkable story to read about how the people joined together to protect their library (Alexandria Library) without any sort of protection other than the human hands connecting together to create an awareness that this building was off-limits.  The book shows how the people valued joining together for books!  Books do matter and this story is a reminder of how all people need to value books and not take them for granted.
5 of 5 stars for Hands Around the Library!

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