Monday, July 16, 2012

Celebration of 50 years

Tuesday's Slice of Life-The Two Writing Teachers  I have been sneakily and steathfully preparing for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary...I don't think they'll read this (they don't use the computer much).  Planning and prepping for the event has been on my mind a lot.  We finally got their wedding album out of the house so I can scan the pictures and continue making the video for the party.  I worked with my sis-n-law, Audrey to locate the place for the party, get the supplies and make the invitations.  Thankfully, the invitations have been mailed and people are starting to RSVP.  All of us kids are hoping that we can keep it a surprise and honor them for reaching 50 years of marriage. 

One of the things I learned about in preparing for the celebration that I want to share with the slice community is that you can request letters of commendation/congratulations to be sent to anyone celebrating milestone wedding anniversaries, birthdays or births from the president and congressmen of your state.  Especially since I cherish letter writing, I went ahead and made the request (make sure to have at least 6 weeks ahead of the date) to have the letters sent from the president and congressmen.  Receiving these letters will add to the whole surprise celebration!  I am giddy with excitement for the event-I can't wait...1 month to go!

Dad and Mom dating-1961?

Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Pic, Sept. 1, 1962

50 Years Ago...A Special Day to Remember

50 years ago
two hearts joined together
in one love
doubling joy
cutting burdens in half

raising a family of three children
who now are married too
continuing to grow in love
as their parents still do

knowing that marriage
not easy
hard work
in sickness
or in health
in good times or in bad
now and forever!
two hearts

50 years of trials and tribulations
storying that makes us laugh
storying that makes us cry
gathering around the table
hearing the stories again and again

silly hats, funny faces,
trips down the aisle
going places
beaches, boats
and baseball games

What could be better
than together forever?
A fisherman and his wife,
50 years to remember
the First of September!

A visit to Ocean City, Maryland


  1. Oh, how wonderful...the fifty years AND that they have family who are thoughtful enough to create this special celebration for their accomplishments.

  2. What a wonderful post. Thank your for sharing the pride and joy you feel with us. I am SURE you will share your poem (and post) with your parents in time. They will be SO proud.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful surprise. A thoughtful poem. I can hear you smile in your writing.

  4. Wow! Sounds like you've been up to a lot of hard work. But when you're planning for someone you love, it doesn't always feel like "work", does it? Congratulations to them on the milestone, and to you on the poem you've written to commemorate it!

  5. What a great celebration! Your poem was wonderful.

    In some areas the local paper used to publish when people bought their marriage license. You can go to the newspaper office and go through the old newspapers and take a picture of the old articles. Some of the newspapers have been digitized. You might check with a local research librarian for ideas.

  6. storying that makes us laugh
    storying that makes us cry
    gathering around the table
    hearing the stories again and again beautiful and true - a life together is all about the story you craft and enjoy each step of the way. Congratulations to your mom and dad, and to you - for putting together this amazing tribute to their life together.

  7. What a milestone indeed! What a lovely celebration to be celebrating! Love your poem as well!

  8. Congratualtions to your parents on such wonderful occasion! We had a 60th anniversary celebration for my parents, and they couldn't have enjoyed anything more. Your poem captures so much with just the right phrases - your thoughtfulness and love comes through with every word. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  9. Dear Amy,
    This slice is beautiful! I love the combination of the poem and pictures. Have a wonderful celebration with your parents. I hope you are going to publish the poem for them in some way!

  10. I love hearing about your preparations, the poem,and the pictures. I hope all will be shared with them with love and joy. What a time to celebrate!

  11. What a fun celebration that I sure will surprise your mom and dad! Enjoy the planning!

  12. That is amazing! I love the heart felt joy in your post :)

  13. I agree with Julie. The poem with pictures made the poem more meaningful. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Wonderful post. I was the one who did the video and pictures for my parents 50th but since my dad hated big fusses and did not want a big party they knew about everything. I added an historical time line along with a family time line. So fun. Started me on the geneology path. ;-)

  15. "What could be better
    than together forever?"
    That final photo is the rose on the icing of the cake.
    What a lovely tribute.

  16. Congrats to your parents - 50 years! I know they will be delighted to have family and friends gather together to help them celebrate this momentous occasion. I created an album for my parent's 40th anniversary and asked for letters, pics and stories - what fun to read and even more fun for them to bring back memories. Thanks for sharing and good luck in keeping it a secret! Love your poem - it says it all.

  17. My sister did the planning for my parent's 50th - I commend you for coordinating this special event. My parents were surprised and so pleased, they still talk about it and it was 7 years ago!


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