Monday, July 16, 2012

Google Earth Wow!

Wow, I could seriously play all day with Google Earth if I had the time-but I don't, so I can't!  If only for a day right?  Ok, today's assignment for Teachers Write! was to spend some time using Google Earth to be in the place of your main character from a WIP (work in progress).  Well, I imagined where Kylee and Dusty would be hanging out in the smelly old middle school, took a walk to Blue Pond (which I didn't know existed even though I've been to the school several times!) right next to the building.  Then we took a trip to the local sites like Stan Hywet and the signal tree and some other places around the city...

Due to copyright laws, pictures have been removed.

Some of the things they might hear:  the Goodyear Blimp buzzing overhead, the roar of traffic from the nearby highways (Rt. 76, 77, and 8), the whir of the factories nearby: Goodyear Industrial Plant, Sun Rubber, and Bridgestone also mixed in the sounds of nature...within our city there is also country.

They would smell the scent of burning rubber and chemicals from the nearby industrial plants, but also the smell of dust, musty, old, dank, scent of molded buildings.

They would be feeling warm on the sweaty, sultry day.  The temperature would be in the high 80's leaving the skin to feel moist and sticky.

This was definitely a fun post to explore!  Thanks for the idea-taking a character on a trip!  Leaving no stone unturned!


  1. LOVE this post. I too had my characters - Gloria and Victoria exploring some parks in their "world" - my is an AMAZING site...but I think some people might think I "wasted" a good bit of time today - sigh.

    1. Anita,
      Andy mentioned on Kate's blog about being distracted by the details when doing research for a WIP...I think it's ok to get those details. And, I don't think it's a waste of time experimenting with this very useful tool! Learning is not wasting time! Keep up the good work-we're getting there right?

  2. Wow! You got a lot out of your Google Earth trip. Think I'll have to try it. Where should I go?

    1. Go from the Teche and fly over the bayou to New Orleans- see if you can observe different parishes(?) I think they are called? And then fly up to the St Louis Arch! Let me know what you think!


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