Sunday, June 3, 2012

Update on making lemonade

Update to making lemonade:  Earlier in the month of May, I wrote about how when life serves you lemons, you make lemonade and being the chef, I could choose to make lemonade (fancy) and go for the position of "Instructional Specialist" or (simple) and decide to go back to the classroom-neither job is easy for I always plan and make my recipes with the greatest of care...and as Ruth so eloquently stated in her comment, "It's not just about the end result, but the steps along the way that are valuable."

I decided to try for the instructional specialist position.  This really has been about the process...being introspective and reflecting and thinking all about the characteristics and talents that I bring to the kitchen...I called it the "Learner's Cafe".  First I was thinking about the resume.  I wondered how I could articulate what I had to offer and include it on my resume?  I decided the important things that aligned with the position description and my career history had to be summed up by using two pages-one just wasn't enough.  I want to personally thank Diana Martin One Literacy Coach for giving great advice on resumes and asking me deep thinking questions to prepare me for getting into interview mode...

The interview was very intense.  I never experienced anything like it before!  One part that I have to share about is for the first 30 minutes, we were handed a case study, had to read it, and then write in response to what we would do knowing about the fictitious school's  history and data upon meeting with the principal.  I felt confident in my writing ability and I know it's partly because I have been working to improve my writing skills and thought processes about writing since I have joined the TWT Slice of Life Community.  As nervous as I was-as soon as I sat down and began to read and write, I felt like this sense of calm came over me and I knew I could do this.

Last week, I heard, after the interview process was over, that I was selected to be part of a pool of newly named "Instructional Specialists" formerly "Literacy Coaches" that buildings could now choose to hire with their Title I now I wait to find out where and if I will be selected or go back to the classroom.  It's been an incredible learning journey, no matter what happens, I have learned so much.  Thank you to the community for all you offer to each of us who joins in this opportunity and experience!  My life will be forever changed by what I learn from you!


  1. Wow. I like your attitude, confidence and reflectiveness. You set a good example as a learner and risk-taker. Good, good luck!

    1. Thanks Terje!
      It's been an exhausting time in my life. I stayed up studying and preparing for the interview. I've agonized over what I said at the interview...never being anything but honest, who I am and what I really believe in my heart. If it wasn't good enough, I was really ok with knowing that I truly gave it my best shot.


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