Sunday, June 3, 2012

Assignment #1 Time to Write







              a leaky


 It is annoying and irritating and sometimes just stopping it seems impossible!

And so, Kate Messner, @ Kate Messner Blog is inspiring the writer in all of us to do "right" by getting our writing selves on track as she is hosting a virtual summer camp for teachers and librarians to write.

This week's challenge:
Make a writing plan for your summer and your school year!

My plan is evolving as I write...
Powerful advice to inspire this plan came directly from Kate:
  • make time-make the appointment to write and keep it daily
  • make space (a special place hollowed out for you and your work)
  • share what your plans are with others in the space and let them know this matters to you
I seem to have the most free time after the kiddos are in bed so my plan is to write in the evenings.  I don't really need to watch the TV so I think this is do-able.  From 9-10pm each night, I will designate the hour to write and read writings of others (for the summer anyway).

My sacred place will be in the dimly lit office, where I can peck away and click at the keys of the computer or scratch away with pens or pencils and scribble on in my writer's notebook, or tap on the screen of my "notebook" app on the iphone or ipad.

I am sharing my plan with this writing community, other literacy coaches and teachers with whom I work and of course the members of my immediate family (Kev, Kam, and Nat).  I know all will be supportive of this work as I do truly aspire to be an author of children's literature someday, whether sooner or later-most likely later.






            stop the time from dribbling into waste...


  1. I love this post. I am inspired by others already. Time to make my plan!

    1. Thanks, Kim!
      Making the plan was a great first step for me, and now it's sticking to it...

  2. You have my support. You can do it! You have the will to participate. You have a plan to make time. You have great teachers at the writing camp. You are a writer. You can do it!

    1. Thanks Terje,
      You always have such positive words of advice...thank you for taking the time to add them here!


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