Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Look who visited my notebook...

Nattie was my first notebook visitor-she left me a note too!

This inspired my work for today's quick write, stranger things have happened (after she's in bed for her nap and he's playing his wii game)...
Poetry, inspired by Sara Lewis Holmes Quick Write Option 4 Teachers Write!

I don't believe in leaving children un-attended!
But sometimes nature calls
Yes, nature does call,
the writer to the pen
does the age matter
does it send
a message
to view
whose message?
Not yet in a code
A code we understand
Knowing a code implies a message
A coded message for the intended audience
Does the audience get the message every time?
or do they believe and listen with unattended ears to the message?

Reflecting on the process:
I don't know if I got the gist of what is supposed to happen with this sort of poem...I don't know if I like it...
PS  I don't mind that she left me a note...I thought it was funny!  However, I learned my lesson.  I won't leave my notebook unattended anymore!  :)


  1. Now I get it! A picture is worth some of the words here. Still love the form. How did you do that?

    1. Thanks for your positive feedback Margaret! You are too kind! I'm not sure how I did it except that I wanted to take the key word from the previous sentence and put it in a shorter phrase until I took it down to one or two words. Then back it out the same way-it's still rough. I want to edit some more...


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