Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fractured Fairy Tale-Gender flipped

My favorite fairy tale…

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf becomes:

The Three Little Piggies and  Miss Wolfie

Miss Wolfie began:
Little Piggies, Little Piggies, do let me come through...

And the pigges responded,
We can’t let you in because our house is a zoo!
Things are just scattered here and there!
A messed house needs cleaning, we’re sure you’re aware!

Tired and worn, Miss Wolfie replied,
But I just need to rest...and a little snack too,
I really don’t mind if your home looks like a zoo?

The piggies asserted, strong and alert:
We can assure you, you’re not welcome now!
Just move on down the road for dessert with the cow!

Miss Wolfie called and insisted to the strong little piggies,

I can wait ‘til it’s clean if that is a must,

I’ll even offer to help you all dust!

But the piggies stayed strong not willing to play,
Oh no, Little Miss Wolfie, just be on your way!
A visit is not what we wish for today!

So Wolfie moved on with her tail dragging behind
And hoped that by visiting the cow she would find…

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  1. Very cute. You should keep going. The voice is exactly what I'd expect w/ a fairytale in a children's picture book, too.


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